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Madinah Arabic Program

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Learn Arabic through the famous 3 Madinah Arabic Books.



اللغة العربية

Learn the Language of the Qur'an Today!


Have you always wished to understand the Qur’an directly? In the Arabic Language? Learn the language through our Madinah Arabic Program


We believe every Muslim has a Dream.

Madinah Arabic Program

  • The Dream of understanding the Qur’an!
  • The Dream of crying when the verses of Allah are recited!
  • The Dream of softening our heart when we hear the Imam recites the Qur’an!
  • The Dream of making out Taraweeh easy!
  • The Dream of understanding the Words of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

As Allah says in the Qur’an:

The believers are only those who, when Allah is mentioned, their hearts become fearful, and when His verses are recited to them, it increases them in faith; and upon their Lord they rely – Surah Anfal 8:2 


However, this dream remains a dream for most of us. This is because we delude ourselves by giving the following excuses:

  1. I do not have time to learn Arabic
  2. I am too old to start learning Arabic
  3. I am not intelligent enough to learn Arabic
  4. Arabic is a very difficult language to understand
  5. Arabic requires a lot of time and effort.
  6. And many other excuses….


Allah has made this language easy so that the Qur’an could be understood. Allah says:


And we certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance and understanding,  so is there any who will remember? Surah Qamar 54:22

So all we need is to strive for the Sake of Allah and strive to learn his word.

We wanted to contribute in this endeavor by trying to promote the learning of the Arabic Language both Online and Offline.

There are various books which teach Arabic Grammar, however, to our knowledge, the best Books to learn Arabic Grammar for the beginner is the 3 Madinah Arabic Books by Shaykh V. Abdur Raheem, since they teach one concept at a time and have exemplary exercises.


Learn Arabic through the famous 3 Madinah Arabic Books  by Shaykh V. Abdur Raheem.


The following are some of the features which we would provide In sha Allah:


  1. Professional Faculty
  2. Daily or Weekly Plan
  3. Flexible Timing
  4. Good Opportunity for Professionals/ Employees/ Businessmen
  5. Language of the Course: English/Urdu
  6. Could also opt for Offline Class in Hyderabad
  7. Duration : 100 Classes In sha Allah
  8. Online Date of Starting : After Ramadan, In sha Allah


So why would you want to delay in this great spiritual journey?


Enroll Today!

May Allah make it easy for us to understand his Language!



Give 100 Days of your Life and Understand the Word of Allah!

Watch our Madina Arabic Classes on Youtube and learn for free!!!



For more Info Contact: +91 9912380125



1 review for Madinah Arabic Program

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    a unique opportunity for college students interested to study madrasa courses in a concised and easy format!!

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